Re: sawfish configuration

Knowing some form of Lisp (such as Common Lisp or Scheme) will make
sawfish configuration make a lot more sense.

i know some Common Lisp, learnt it from

I used sawfish and emacs for years without knowing Lisp, just
configuring through tools or by copy-and-pasting code from FAQs,

Emacs is the only text-editor i use. i use even its "eshell" to
compile my C++ programmes. i wrote some lines for customisation in my
".emacs" file.

and once I learned some Lisp things
made a lot more sense (of course Sawfish has a lot of WM-specific
things going on, but that's not the hard part (at least I didn't think
so)). I've attached my .sawfishrc, but it may not help much, since
it's just simple settings and soforth; Sawfish's defaults tend to work
well enough that I haven't bothered changing anything major, though I
really should try my hand at 'fixing' window placement sometime.

i dont have any ".sawfishrc" file in my home directory.

Based on the screenshots, all you really need is the right theme, a
background setter (xsetroot or xsri), and ...

i use Google to find answer to my questions. i failed to find any
answer to "sawfish user guide" or "sawfish configuration how to".
anyway i want to know:

1.) how to use a theme?
2.) i Googled for "xsetroot" & got its man page :-)

hmm, not sure how you'd
do the pager. I know sawfish supports it, or did, as I had one with
GNOME 1.something with sawfish about 6 years ago, but I have no idea
what's required for that to work.

WOW, sawfish is 6 years old!

> Can someone please post his configuration file, from where i can and
> understand SCWM coding? or if you can point me to any "SAWFISH
> configuration how to" document. i only want to have this kind of
> interface:

-- arnuld

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