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On date Thursday 2007-01-11 23:52:06 -0800, arnuld opened this window:
> for all of my time of 5 years with computers, i have only used
> Desktops, 3 years with idiot Windows, now GNOME from last 1 year. now,
> as of today, i hate Desktops (i must call it "the UNIX effect" a.k.a
> "Command-Line Addiction")
> i got fascinated SAWFISH after interacting with lots of other Window
> managers. i tried to read the "Programing Manual" but i am not able to
> understand how it can help me writing a "~/.sawfishrc" file?
> Can someone please post his configuration file, from where i can and
> understand SCWM coding? or if you can point me to any "SAWFISH
> configuration how to" document. i only want to have this kind of
> interface:
> i tried Google but that does not help.

Hi arnuld, you can look at the (somehow discontinued) sawfish wiki at:

and in attachment there is my personal sawfishrc.
In order to write your own sawfishrc you're supposed to know at least a
bit lisp programming, or you can use the sawfish-ui interface.

I'm using sawfish with gnome, and I'm used to bind every window
manager function to some super-<key> combination (using the "windows key"
as the super modifier) thus avoiding clashes with applications
I keep many workspaces, each one for a different task, switching
between them with super-<number>.

Stefano Sabatini
Linux user number 337176 (see

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