Re: lookup.jl google and koi8-r

Vladimir Zolotykh <gsmith eurocom od ua> writes:

> "Andrea Vettorello" <andrea vettorello gmail com> wrote:
>> I think you should investigate how to use the Sawfish REPL
>> (read-eval-print loop) environment,...
> Did you mean REP command (e.g the one about which Debian's dpkg tools outputs
>   ii  rep            0.17-7         lisp command interpreter frontends to librep

no, he meant "sawfish-client" command, which connects to the running sawfish
process (to have commands executed).

> ) and ?

This one looks more recent:

see the "The REPL" chapter first, it explains how to dig some information
(search for variables by name etc., get help strings).


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