Re: lookup.jl google and koi8-r

Vladimir Zolotykh <gsmith eurocom od ua> writes:

> I've got a couple of simple questions about Sawfish and its Lisp
> usage.
> If I need a module, say lookup.jl I should
>   (require 'lookup)
> However, if I realize that the functionality provided by LOOKUP needs
> some correction I open lookup.jl in an editor and make any
> modification required. Now how I could tell Sawfish about the changes?
> Or to reload the module lookup? At least 
>   (require 'lookup) 
> seems doesn't work. Restarting Sawfish entirely? e.g. quitting
> X-session and starting it again? (The REQUIRE command is in my
> ~/.sawfishrc file). Is there a more convenient solution?

If my elisp memories are applicable, then note:

(require 'feature)


+ look through the files in the library directories I know about
+ Locate a library say, feature.jl, or some file that does (provide
  'feature)?  does that work?
+ make sure that we've (load) 'ed that file.

This means that if you (require) a file lots of times, it'll only get
loaded once, which can save you a bunch of headaches.  Many people
don't design their libraries to be loaded repeatedly.

If you want to re-load the file, then try 

( load-module 'feature )

- Allen S. Rout

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