Re: lookup.jl google and koi8-r

On 6/24/06, Vladimir Zolotykh <gsmith eurocom od ua> wrote:
I've got a couple of simple questions about Sawfish and its Lisp

seems doesn't work. Restarting Sawfish entirely? e.g. quitting
X-session and starting it again? (The REQUIRE command is in my
~/.sawfishrc file). Is there a more convenient solution?

I don't know Sawfish's inner workings very well, but to restart it you
can use the "sawfish-client" command, something like "sawfish-client
-f restart" instead of restarting the whole X session.

Said that, probably there's a better way to do what you want, probably
unloading and then reloading the module (i'm only guessing)...

I think you should investigate how to use the Sawfish REPL
(read-eval-print loop) environment, in  this way you can exploit the
dynamic properties of a Lisp dialect like REP. There's a Sawfish Emacs
mode that has key bindings to evaluate expression with the running
Sawfish instance.


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