xtightvncviewer focus trouble

I'm using tightvnc version 1.2.9 on a debian sid system with sawfish
version 1.3, and Xorg 7.0.0

Focus is set to enter-only and raise on focus is enabled.

The xtightvncviewer window seems to be confusing the focus system.

If the window is focus with the mouse, without crossing the border
decorations, that is if the mouse is moved from a window that's covering
the vnc window, or the frame is set to "no-border", the window does not
raise, and the decorations stay in the unfocused state.  But the mouse and
keystroke seem to get passed to the target window anyway.

If the window is selected via keyboard, window cycling, or selected in the
window list, the window does raise, but doesn't catch keystrokes.

I should add, that if I switch to fullscreen mode with a vnc session
that's smaller than my screen, and the mouse falls over the edge, it
hopeless loses focus and drops off the window list, and won't take
keyboard input even with the mouse over the window.

I've seen none of these behaviors with any other windows.


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