Emacs frame don't get focused

Does anybody know why Emacs frames (created by
switch-to-buffer-other-frame or similar command) don't get focused
in Sawfish (using Sawfish 1.3+cvs20050222-1 Debian package)?

For example, the following transcript shows the problem (having only
one Emacs frame, let's call it #1):

  C-x 5 b foo <ENTER>
                       The new Emacs frame (#2) is raised and focused now
  C-x 5 o
                       The frame #1 is raised but _not_ focused

The another spot where focus goes lost is when I install some package
using APTITUDE (the Debian package utility). Frequently after that the
Xterm window with APTITUDE in it loose the focus. I had a wild guess
that it is because of me using fbpanel (4.1-2), but that's all, wasn't
able to do any practical with it.

Using Emacs 21.4.1

I'd appreciate if you through some line on this.

Vladimir Zolotykh

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