Re: Two novice's questions.

andrea vettorello gmail com (2005-06-11 at 2119.42 +0200):
> > > You can set with the "sawfish-ui" configurator (launch it from the
> > > terminal or with the central mouse button and selecting the
> > > "Customize" voice) a rule in the "Matched Windows" pane, for example
> > > trigging a rule with the window name.
> > Thanks. I forgot about that.
> > But I didn't find there a property to make a particular application
> > being placed always on the top. I meant that any other windows couldn't
> > overlap it. However, there was a property `depth' and as far as I
> > understood if I set a maximum allowed `depth' for a window, it should
> > never be overlapped by any other windows.
> I thought there was a way to put a window above the others, maybe you
> need to create a function for that but I've not enough rep knowledge
> to do it... =)

In sawfish, instead of above, below and normal, you use depth
levels. Different names, more possible values, same result if you do
not make use of the extra freedom.


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