Re: Two novice's questions.

On 6/10/05, Kirill Kuvaldin <kuvaldin gmail com> wrote:
> Hello All.
> 1. How can I run xclock (or any other application), that it would always
>    stay on top and would be placed on the all workspaces? 

You can set with the "sawfish-ui" configurator (launch it from the
terminal or with the central mouse button and selecting the
"Customize" voice) a rule in the "Matched Windows" pane, for example
trigging a rule with the window name.

> 2. What function can I use to send a window to the specified workspace?
>    I found only `send-to-next-workspace' and
>    `send-to-previous-workspace' functions, but they do not exactly that
>    I want.

There are various "Send to" windows commands, you can for example bind
a key combination to "Send to workspace left" so you can move the
selected windows to the left workspace or use "Send to workspace" to
move it to the 'N workspace...

Hope this give you an idea on how to manipulate windows. =)


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