Re: Two novice's questions.

Hello Andrea.

On Fri, 10 Jun 2005 20:33:08 +0200 You wrote:

> On 6/10/05, Kirill Kuvaldin <kuvaldin gmail com> wrote:
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> > Hello All.
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> > 1. How can I run xclock (or any other application), that it would always
> >    stay on top and would be placed on the all workspaces? 
> > 

> You can set with the "sawfish-ui" configurator (launch it from the
> terminal or with the central mouse button and selecting the
> "Customize" voice) a rule in the "Matched Windows" pane, for example
> trigging a rule with the window name.

Thanks. I forgot about that.
But I didn't find there a property to make a particular application 
being placed always on the top. I meant that any other windows couldn't 
overlap it. However, there was a property `depth' and as far as I
understood if I set a maximum allowed `depth' for a window, it should
never be overlapped by any other windows.

> > 2. What function can I use to send a window to the specified workspace?
> >    I found only `send-to-next-workspace' and
> >    `send-to-previous-workspace' functions, but they do not exactly that
> >    I want.
> > 

> There are various "Send to" windows commands, you can for example bind
> a key combination to "Send to workspace left" so you can move the
> selected windows to the left workspace or use "Send to workspace" to
> move it to the 'N workspace...

> Hope this give you an idea on how to manipulate windows. =)

I found a way to do it using `move-window-to-workspace' command.

> Andrea


Best regards,

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