Re: Randomly Disappearing Windows

Pat Regan wrote:
> pm-number-window is a function that appends a number to windows that
> have the same title.  I assume it is attempting to operate on a window
> that just disappeared.  If I remove the code from my config, windows
> disappear but I get no errors whatsoever.  :(

Here I go replying to myself again, please tell me to stop if I get too
annoying :).

I was perusing the Sawfish programming manual and came across the
managed-windows function, which seems to return all the currently
managed windows.  I have absolutely no idea if this would help anyone
point me in the proper direction, but it seems that each time I just
gmplayer I lose the first 2 windows in the list:

(#<window 60003c> #<window c00003> #<window e00099> #<window 100004e>
#<window 120004e> #<window 140003b> #<window 160003b> #<window 180003b>)

(#<window e00099> #<window 100004e> #<window 120004e> #<window 140003b>
#<window 160003b> #<window 180003b>)

(#<window 120004e> #<window 140003b> #<window 160003b> #<window 180003b>)

(#<window 160003b> #<window 180003b>)

Maybe I will just have to make sure there are always a bunch of dummy
windows in the front of the list :).


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