Re: Randomly Disappearing Windows

Pat Regan wrote:
> I am going to try setting up Xinerama on my laptop and see if I can
> manage to cause problems there as well :).

I ended up going a somewhat different route to try to pin down the
problem.  I just finished up installing Ubuntu Breezy on my desktop,
I've been meaning to do it even since Sarge went stable (and unstable
became extra unstable :p).  I just haven't had the gumption until now :).

Sawfish is losing windows significantly more often now than it was on
Debian.  Today, I built and installed packages from the latest CVS
versions of librep, rep-gtk, and Sawfish.  It didn't help at all.

After that, I moved my config files out of the way and used the default
config and I was still losing windows.

Next, I disabled Xinerama and I am unable to make a window disappear no
matter how hard I try.  I am assuming this means there aren't a lot of
Sawfish users running Xinerama?

I am not exactly sure how to troubleshoot this.  .xsession-errors
doesn't show anything when this happens.  Is there any way to hook a
debugger up to Sawfish to see what lisp is running?



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