Re: Randomly Disappearing Windows

Pat Regan wrote:
> I am not exactly sure how to troubleshoot this.  .xsession-errors
> doesn't show anything when this happens.  Is there any way to hook a
> debugger up to Sawfish to see what lisp is running?

I think I might have either lied, or I was just mistaken :).  I do get a
message in .xsession-errors when a window disappears:

Bad argument: #<subr aref>, (), 1

I may have also been able to narrow down what is causing the problem
just a little bit more.  I switch my window placement from first-fit to
interactive.  This allowed me to see that is was erroring right after
drawing the shaped gmplayer control window.  Unfortunately, that isn't
the only time it seems to happen, so I don't think that helps me much.
It just happened when I closed a Gaim window as well...

Is there any way I can track down exactly which function is receiving a
bad argument?  Or find out where it is being called from?



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