Re: Randomly Disappearing Windows

Pat Regan <thehead patshead com> writes:

> Pat Regan wrote:
>> I am not exactly sure how to troubleshoot this.  .xsession-errors
>> doesn't show anything when this happens.  Is there any way to hook a
>> debugger up to Sawfish to see what lisp is running?
> I think I might have either lied, or I was just mistaken :).  I do get a
> message in .xsession-errors when a window disappears:
> Bad argument: #<subr aref>, (), 1

> Is there any way I can track down exactly which function is receiving a
> bad argument?  Or find out where it is being called from?

to get more info, use:
(setq backtrace-on-error #t)

do this
(prompt)  (you type):
bash$   sawfish-client
user>   (setq backtrace-on-error #t)
user>   ^D

These should be already on:
(setq error-handler-beep #t)

to verify:

user>  error-handler-beep
would be ok
that means it would not beep.

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