Re: Randomly Disappearing Windows

Pat Regan wrote:
> I have been having this problem for quite a while, and I have no been
> able to track down the source of the problem.  I seem to sometimes
> randomly lose windows.  Most commonly I notice my gkrellm window is gone
> when I come back to my machine after a few hours.  The process is still
> running but I can find no sign of the window on the screen, or in the
> window list.
> I also sometimes lose a few windows if mplayer crashes.  Usually in that
> case I tend to lose a few terminal windows, but not all of them.

I have some new observations on my problem.  First, it hasn't bothered
me much in the last 2 weeks or so.  I suppose it only happens when
another window does something interesting.

I found another action that causes windows to vanish.  I was getting
ready to burn a bunch of files to DVD and I was organizing them with the
rox-filer.  I very, very, very rarely use a file manager, so I assume
that is why I didn't notice this until today.  rox likes to
automatically resize windows as contents change, apparently.  It seems
that whenever one of its windows auto-resizes I lose windows.

The other thing I noticed is that I am completely unable to recreate
this problem on my laptop, and I don't remember ever seeing this happen
there, either.  It runs an identical version of sawfish with an
identical sawfish configuration.  The only real difference between the
two machines is that the desktop is using Xinerama.  I never even
thought to mention that I was running Xinerama, and now I find out that
it may be the cause of my problems.

I am going to try setting up Xinerama on my laptop and see if I can
manage to cause problems there as well :).


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