Re: Another shading question


On Wed, 2003-10-15 at 22:23, David Reid wrote:
> The following is a link to a theme I did and the one that is currently
> used that implementes the shaded state of windows.

Have you tested this with the before mentioned GimpDocks from


I get a File Not Found from the above link.... :(

I am in the progress of writing a sawfish theme and I have implemented
all the frame types mentioned in the docs - and still I have problems
with shading the GimpDocks (which, btw, shades correctly with metacity).

I've tried with themes like Crux and the other standard 1.3 themes -
same result.

If Bluejuice implements the shading correctly, I'd very much like to see
how you did it.

Henrik Brix Andersen <brix gimp org>

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