Another shading question

I have another question related to shading. I am currently using the aquaOS theme, and it has a bug with shading: the content of the window does disappear, but NOT the frame borders!

Does anybody have a clue on how to fix this in the theme.jl?

Thanks in advance,

-- Eric

Frank T wrote:
I am having a problem with shading. I noticed in the 0.6 version, one of the new "features" is as follows: Added window-shading, double-click button1 on the title bar. I would like to disable this feature. In my .sawfishrc file I have the following in regards to the title-keymap:

(bind-keys title-keymap
          "Button1-Move" nil
          "Button1-Click" nil
          "Button1-Click2" nil
          "Button1-Click3" nil
          "Button2-Click" nil
          "Button2-Click2" nil
          "Button2-Click3" nil
          "Button3-Click" nil
          "Button3-Click2" nil
          "Button3-Click3" nil)

I have something similar for the close button, iconify button, etc. which all work fine, but not the shading when I double click on the title bar. Is there an easy was to disable the shading? Thanks in advanced.


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