Missing functions

Hi, I recently switched to using sawfish (due to a combination of
configurability and xinerama support).

There are two things missing which would make sawmill perfect for me.
Perhaps you know an easy answer?

1) 'Command sequence' does not seem to work.  In particular: (quote
(move-cursor-left move-cursor-up)) only moves the cursor up.  This is
particularly mysterious because it seems that (quote (move-cursor-left
maximize)) _does_ compose.  It would be kind of nice if cursor
movements composed, because a diagonal is sometimes much shorter.

2) I haven't been able to turn off sawfish's interception of key
sequences.  It would be handy when running vnc (for example) to pass
key commands through to the window manager inside of vnc.  Under
fvwm2, there was a cheap hack to do this: just hit 'num lock' and all
key events are passed through.  Is there a similar hack (cheap or not)
for sawfish?


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