Re: [sabayon] Which Profile Gets Applied When a User is a Member of Multiple Groups?

On Wed, May 26, 2010 at 04:53:39PM -0400, Alex Brown wrote:
> Regarding the LDAP functionality of Sabayon (and I guess the
> non-LDAP functionality as well), if a user is a member of multiple
> groups and each group has a specific sabayonProfileName applied to
> it, which profile gets applied?

"The first one" :)

Sabayon uses the "getgrent" call to enumerate the groups, and check for
membership.  The first one it comes across that the user's in, that's the
profile it applies.

I *think* the getgrent call retrieves things in /etc/group entry order, but if
you're pulling from ldap, that's sometimes undefined.

I guess a good question would be: given membership in multiple groups with
profiles, what SHOULD be the expected behavior?  Lowest alpabetical group name?
Lowest groupid?



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