Re: [sabayon] Profiles Not Being Applied to LDAP Users and Groups on LTSP

Thanks for the response, Corey.

Yesterday, I finally figured out that the "sabayonProfileName" attribute requires the full path to the profile name and not just the name of the profile. I was entering "Test" instead of "/etc/desktop-profiles/" or "/etc/sabayon/profiles/" The comment regarding the sabayonProfileName attribute near the top of the sabayon.schema file is a little confusing. Due to the the following comment, I thought I was just supposed to enter the name (which appears to be identified by "$(name)") and not the entire path:

# This attribute is used to store the name of a sabayon profile.
# It can refer to either a local zipfile (which will be looked up
# in /etc/sabayon/profiles/$(name).zip), or it can be used to
# map to another ldap object that maps to the final profile URL
attributetype ( NAME 'sabayonProfileName'
                DESC 'The Name of a sabayon profile'
                EQUALITY caseIgnoreMatch
                SUBSTR caseIgnoreSubstringsMatch
                SINGLE-VALUE )

All is well now.

I live to serve

On 5/11/2010 6:03 AM, Corey Burger wrote:
On Thu, May 6, 2010 at 7:09 AM, Alex Brown<alexjrb bellsouth net>  wrote:
Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone has experienced the issue where profiles are not
being applied to LDAP users and groups.

I have an LTSP server that uses LDAP authentication.  The LTSP server is
running on Ubuntu 10.04 and that's where Sabayon is installed.  Sabayon can
see the groups and users but when the users login in, the profiles are not
being applied.  However, the profiles are bing applied for local users.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I haven't played with LTSP, LDAP or Sabayon for a good couple of
years, but my guess would be where the profiles are being stored. If
they are local, then the LTSP chroot wouldn;'t have them and thus
couldn't apply what it doesn't have.


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