Re: [sabayon] Pessulus integration


Le lundi 21 décembre 2009, à 11:07 -0600, Scott Balneaves a écrit :
> Hello sabayon-list, Rob and Vincent
> The bug:
> continues to be a sticky issue, because of the way we're currently handling
> pessulus integration.  Currently, we "copy" bits of pessulus into sabayon,
> which, although a solution that works, has all the pinache of a blunt-force
> trauma wound.
> Personally, (and I'll let others chime in here) I think it makes sense to keep
> pessulus as a separate product, as some users may want lockdown capability, but
> NOT want full-on profile management that sabayon provides.
> Here's how I think is the best way to solve this:
> If pessulus' main functionality becomes a library that we can just "import
> pessulus" on, then our lockdown editing just becomes foo = pessulus.Pessulus(),
> and we don't need to pull in the pessulus source manually.  We make it a soft
> dependency, so that Sabayon will work if it's NOT there, it just won't have
> lockdown.

But, hrm, it's already the case, isn't it? :-)

Just do:

import gtk
from Pessulus import lockdownappliergconf
from Pessulus import maindialog
applier = lockdownappliergconf.PessulusLockdownApplierGconf ()
dialog = maindialog.PessulusMainDialog (applier, False)

And you're done.

(sure, we could make this even simpler, etc.)


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