[sabayon] Pessulus integration

Hello sabayon-list, Rob and Vincent

The bug: https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=346890
continues to be a sticky issue, because of the way we're currently handling
pessulus integration.  Currently, we "copy" bits of pessulus into sabayon,
which, although a solution that works, has all the pinache of a blunt-force
trauma wound.

Personally, (and I'll let others chime in here) I think it makes sense to keep
pessulus as a separate product, as some users may want lockdown capability, but
NOT want full-on profile management that sabayon provides.

Here's how I think is the best way to solve this:

If pessulus' main functionality becomes a library that we can just "import
pessulus" on, then our lockdown editing just becomes foo = pessulus.Pessulus(),
and we don't need to pull in the pessulus source manually.  We make it a soft
dependency, so that Sabayon will work if it's NOT there, it just won't have

Then, sabayon/pessulus integration just becomes an issue of package management
for distros.  Pessulus stands alone, and sabayon will depend upon pessulus,
packaging wise.

No dup'd code, translations happen properly, etc etc etc.

Rob, Vincent: I'm happy to help out in whatever way I can with coding/reorging,
etc to make this happen.


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