Re: [sabayon] Re : translation of Sabayon UI

On Thu, Dec 17, 2009 at 06:04:56PM +0000, Laurent Coudeur wrote:

> This did not seem to work I updated the po and updated git the two
> were still in English:

Hmmmmm, did you re-run sh  I think it might not turn the into the POTFILES + all the necessary goo until that happens, but I
fully admit I'm woefully horrible at translation issues, being a typical North
American.  I'll poke around tonight, maybe it has to be listed somewhere else?

I know for sure there's the proper _( and )'s in the file
itself, I checked that, so it's something infrastructure wise we're missing.

> Groups Button in main dialog and Groups: in the Group selection dialog.
> I cheated and updated them in the UI file to finish my screen shots.

Ah, cheating.  Where would the Free Software world be without it? :)

> also I noticed There are 2 xml in the C folder for the Help and Po
> only generates one (The legal.xml file is not built)

Hmm, they're probably not listed somewhere either.  That was the first time
ever I've done any ghelp docbook work, so I'm still finding my sea-legs on some
of this stuff.  Thanks for bearing with me.


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