Re: [sabayon] Session time-out and clean-up with Sabayon and Pessulus?

On Thu, 2006-06-15 at 13:06 +0100, Sean Hammond wrote:
> It also looks like Sabayon can let me protect certain directories, so
> users won't be able to change or create files in those directories? Is
> it possible to lock-down the homedir so any files downloaded etc. will
> be non-permanent?
> I don't want to just remove permission for the user to write to their
> homedir or anything like that, because people should still be able to
> download documents and work on them,  (plus I don't want Firefox etc.
> throwing up confusing errors). I just don't want anything left there
> or changed after they log out.

Sabayon itself doesn't handle the "mandatory" part for settings, it just
sets up GConf to not allow writes to the settings. Read the sysadmin
guide for details:

For files its a bit different. If a setting in sabayon that just
consists of copying a file in place (a non-gconf one) is set to
mandatory that just means it will be overwritten on each login.

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