Re: [sabayon] Session time-out and clean-up with Sabayon and Pessulus?

It also looks like Sabayon can let me protect certain directories, so
users won't be able to change or create files in those directories? Is
it possible to lock-down the homedir so any files downloaded etc. will
be non-permanent?

I don't want to just remove permission for the user to write to their
homedir or anything like that, because people should still be able to
download documents and work on them,  (plus I don't want Firefox etc.
throwing up confusing errors). I just don't want anything left there
or changed after they log out.

I'm gonna install Sabayon soon and have a good poke at it.

On 6/15/06, angel bosch <abosch brujulatelecom com> wrote:
in most cases, mandatory means that users just can't change it, they
can't access those specific options.

El dj 15 de 06 del 2006 a les 11:38 +0100, en/na Sean Hammond va
> Quick follow up, readng the Sabayon manual, it seems it allows me to
> set many user settings as either 'default' or 'mandatory'. Does
> mandatory mean that even if the user changes the setting, it will be
> re-applied when they next login?
> That would help a lot, allowing us to set the background, panel
> configuration, browser settings etc. etc. as we want. We're basically
> interested in GNOME settings and Firefox settings, and not really
> bothered about other apps. There's still the question of logging them
> out after 20 minutes, and deleting any files they create in the users
> homedir, which sounds like maybe a job for pessulus.
> On 6/15/06, Sean Hammond <sean hammond gmail com> wrote:
> > Hello Sabayon,
> >
> > I'm managing a small, public Internet access setup using Ubuntu/GNOME
> > in a cafe here in Edinburgh*. There are two things that really annoy
> > us:
> >
> > 1. You're only supposed to use our computers for 20 mins at a time to
> > let other people have a try, but some people will persistently hog
> > them for a long time, and most customers are too polite to ask.
> >
> > 2. Many people will download documents to the desktop, change the
> > desktop background, change the icons, and otherwise try to be smart
> > with us, so someone has to keep checking and correcting changes.
> >
> > There was a thread on edubuntu-devel** that discussed a session
> > time-out and integrated desktop clean-up feature for GNOME, and Corey
> > Burger suggested we might be able to script something in Python using
> > Sabayon and Pessulus.
> >
> > I searched this mailing list archive (didn't take long!), so now I'm
> > getting in touch with Sabayon. Basically, I'm interested in
> > implementing a 20-minute session timeout with warnings and integrated
> > session clean-up. I've read the Sabayon page and the Pessulus page
> > (and this email is also going to Vincent of pessulus) and now I'm
> > getting in touch and asking for some pointers to get started on this.
> >
> > Thanks for any help!
> >
> > * Specifically, the Forest Cafe:
> >
> > ** This thread:
> >
> >
> > --
> >
> >
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