Re: Media Export problem

On Sa, 2012-05-05 at 22:53 +0200, Michael Lathion wrote:
> Hi,
> You'll find enclosed the output of the command about foobar, after
> restarting rygel the problem is always persistent, 

The schema looks weird, something seems to have gone wrong with the
database update.

I think the best thing would be to remove ~/.cache/rygel/media-export.db
and let rygel re-extract the meta-data. Also note that there's a bug
that causes problems browsing anything apart "Files & Folders" and its
subfolders until the harvesting is done, so you have to wait until it's
finished for the Music/Video/Pictures folder.

> I also tried to reinstall rygel 0.14.1 from source instead of 0.14.0
> but still the same. Except that now I can see the "Files and Folder"
> branch if I click on the rygel server. Also from the install of 0.14.1
> I'm not sure that my /etc/rygel.conf file is read because I've changed
> the playbin "title" properties but the default name appear in other
> devices ?? 

/etc/rygel.conf is overriden by $HOME/.config/rygel.conf. Please check
if you have that file. If so it takes precedence.

> ... I just made some other test and I confirm the /etc/rygel.conf file
> is not readed because before installing 14.1 the server was working on
> wmp12 or media:connect on iphone but now the media server is empty
> because there are no files on the default folders. 
> I have try to put the rygel.conf to my home folder but still the same,
> what can cause this issue ??

See above. Looks like the database update has failed. Can you also
attach rygel.log resulting from the call G_MESSAGES_DEBUG=all rygel -g 5
2>&1 | tee rygel.log

> Also I've try to change the dc: to upnp: before build 0.14.1 but the
> problem with 8-player is always there, you will find enclosed the
> exact error log in .png picture

That's weird. Works with master here. Still, that's also a bug in
8player for not checking the server's capabilities properly. If there's
a way to report an issue for it, could you do this?

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