Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Plugin to fix playlists

On 01/22/2012 10:49 PM, Petko wrote:
 Hey guys , . [...]

 The plugin would rely on the consistent filenames . Simple cycle :

For (every song in the playlist) {

//get filename from the path recorded in the playlist

//find the song in the library by filename

//get the path ,stored in the library

//record it back in the playlist


 Ok , from the lack of response and the looks of the Rhythmbox libraries I think there is little chance this function will be implemented in the core function that imports playlists. So since I still haven't understood the RBs database , signals .... well a long list of things , I intend to write a plugin and hope that it gets integrated (upon a error (missing file) when importing a playlist - prompt to fix the playlist using that algorithm) .
  So I'm writing mainly because I have some questions . I pretty much got how plugins work . The algorithm's pretty much set :

1.prompt for playlist - I honestly have no idea how to do it . I've done OpenGL , but no real GUI in GTK . Still that's the simplest problem .'s a big pickle - how do I get the playlist parser to give me the playlist items' URI-s

3.Last part I figured out : probe every DB entery for its location , parse it through g_filename_from_uri , compare the filename to the item given from the playlist, if there's a match -> add it to the playlist

Where I'll have a big problem is figuring out dependencies and communication with the shell . All and all I'd be happy to get some help around the RB source.


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