[Rhythmbox-devel] Plugin to fix playlists

Hey guys , I've been meaning to write about this idea for some time now and I finally got to it . I want to make (or help make ) a plugin to fix paths of songs in playlists . The problem - when I export playlists from say iTunes , they have the Windows paths in , so they are practically broken . Not to mention that any time you organize your music (through rearranging files) playlists may get broken .

 The plugin would rely on the consistent filenames . Simple cycle :

For (every song in the playlist) {

//get filename from the path recorded in the playlist

//find the song in the library by filename

//get the path ,stored in the library

//record it back in the playlist


It would be great to have this integrated in RB itself (to fix upon importing a playlist) , but I don't know how liberal the development is towards such functions :)

Best Regards ,
Petko Ditchev

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