Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] little nice restyling

I knew it wasn't what you meant, but it was a way to show of how much
vertical space we can reappropriate.
Your reqested mockup is here, and it's pretty nice too.

On gio, 2011-10-06 at 17:44 +0100, Peter wrote:
> On Thu, Oct 6, 2011 at 4:51 PM, alex <josephk email it> wrote:
> > hi Peter,
> > just one thing: my primary pc in the last 2 years and half is a 10"
> > netbook; rhythmbox on netbooks it's unusable.
> > if we want to seriously do something for its interface, that is to say,
> > for users, well, there's a lot of vertical space to save if we want to..
> > lots of immature new media players showed how it is possible.
> > this mockup push even further this discourse
> > cheers
> > alex
> That isn't quite what I meant. I find the side pane isn't tall
> enough when cover art is shown - so I want the side pane
> to go down (where the status bar was, which you did),
> but also up (where the current song name can be, and
> where the tool bar is).
> i.e. Try and give the side pane almost a full column.
> Peter

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