Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Suggestions

On Fri, Jan 7, 2011 at 2:01 PM, Bart Genuit <b a g genuit student tue nl> wrote:
Hi there,

Thanks for making Rhytmbox! I use it an awful lot. (speaking of which, is there some way to make these thanks a bit more substantial, for example?)
I also make heavy use of for my music downloads, and my thoughts are 'why not combine the two?'. So my first suggestion: could you somehow add Bandcamp to the list of stores? (where now Magnatune and Jamendo are featured)
Another suggestion: could you add the option "Genre" to the search selections? That way, I could just select my genre of preference and shuffle songs from Jamendo, Magnatune or harddisk.
Thanks in advance for considering these suggestions, and keep up the good work!

Hello Bart,

It's possible to do that, you'd have to write a plugin to access bandcamp and be able to set up streaming.  You could look at the code for the existing music stores and see if you can port it.  Otherwise, put in a feature request in asking for such a thing.  Maybe someone will take an interest and write one.


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