Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] A couple suggestions

On 23 February 2011 05:10, Damien Radtke <damienradtke gmail com> wrote:
> The queue doesn't jump from the left to the right; if it's displayed at all,
> it's on the right, and shares the same panel as context pane. I tested it
> with context pane, and if both are active then they each take up half of the
> sidebar. The only problem is that removing one hides the entire sidebar, but
> it can be fixed by toggling the queue a couple times.
> When hidden, the play queue is just a menu item above Music, in the tree
> browser on the left pane.
> To make it clearer, here are a couple pictures of the result:
> Regular Rhythmbox:
> Play queue on right side:

Why on the right?
If I really wanted more space out of the left panel I'd rather change
the tree browser.

I usually just have it hidden and drag down a bit when I want something.
A menu with all the browser options or maybe even a combo box would be
better for people who rarely switch from 'Music'.

> With context pane open:
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