[Rhythmbox-devel] Need help for trying out an interactive project exploration tool for Gnome

Dear Rhythmbox developers, 

We are a research group at University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Recently we developed an interactive project exploration tool called Tesseract that allows developers to explore project archives and their underlying dependencies such as file dependencies, developer communications, and bugs visually and interactively. Currently, our prototype uses data from the Rhythmbox project (2000-2007) to demonstrate our application functions. We would like to get your feedback on Tesseract.  We will highly appreciate if any Rhythmbox developer can try out Tesseract and give us some feedback so that we can make Tesseract a better application for practical use and release it as open source.

To check details of our application: http://interaction.unl.edu/projects/tesseract/
Application demo: http://interaction.unl.edu/members/jianguow/tesseract 

If you need more information, please see our publication on the tool: http://interaction.unl.edu/projects/tesseract/icse2009_final/

Please let us know if any one is interested so that we can provide you more details about the tool and tutorials. If possible, we may set up an interview to learn about your experience using it after you try it.

In any case, we'd be very interested to hear your comments on this application and any input is highly appreciated.


Jianguo Wang

Department of Computer Science and Engineering 
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

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