[Rhythmbox-devel] Suggestion/Question

Hi, I'm new to this list, hope that I can make some kind of useful contribution...

I don't know if it is already possible, but if it is, I see no easy way of doing it..

In the user interface is the search bar at the top, I was wondering if there is any easy way of changing its contents using python and DBUS, I know other features such as start/stop next and prev are available this way, but I think this would be an excellent addition and maybe not too difficult to implement...

Usage scenario:

I have an FM transmitter and use Rhythmbox to play my library of around 40,000 music files, we have a 12 volt sound system on the beach about 2km away, running a laptop for any reasonable amount of time using the battery in the 12v system and an inverter isnt very power efficient, and no way of easily charging the system exists, meaning I have to take the (very heavy) system back to base for a recharge much sooner than I'd have liked.

It would be great if, using an extremely thin client (via SMS maybe) I could change the search terms to say "Reggae" or "Metal" or whatever.. I know I could use say, VNC from my mobile phone to access Rhythmbox at the studio remotely, but this is obviously quite a security risk, and also quite a kludge for what would otherwise be a very simple task ;) Being able to do this with SMS would be extremely convenient as it would mean ANY phone anywhere could be used, because myself and most of my friends are too poor to be able to afford to use mobile internet from our phones in any case.

Hope somebody can maybe help point me in the right direction or such a feature could be implemented...



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