[Rhythmbox-devel] Cover art display and DAAP plugin

Hi all,

I've recently tried sharing my music from RB 0.12.8 on my server via
the DAAP plugin, and listening to it with RB on my laptop. This seems
to work nicely for the most part. However, I noticed that sometimes I
got cover art, and sometimes I did not. First of all, can anyone
reproduce this?

I *think* when playing a remote mp3 file which has embedded cover art
in the ID3 tags that this gets spotted and shown by the cover art
plugin - which is great, but not all my music has embedded covers.

There is a command in the DAAP protocol to request the current artwork
with maximum width and height, and get a PNG back. Something like

However, I'm pretty sure that the coverart plugin makes no attempt to
ask the DAAP server for a cover.

>From looking at how other plugins (e.g. rb-ipod-source.c) give cover
art to the artdisplay plugin, I guess the RB DAAP client code needs to
request the cover and then once it has it, issue the
g_signal_connect_object call with
"entry-extra-metadata-notify::rb:coverArt", and it should then be
displayed by artdisplay plugin. Does that sound right?

Related to this, guess the RB DAAP server code will need to be updated
to respond to cover requests. Again, looking at rb-ipod-source.c I
think this can be done with rhythmdb_entry_request_extra_metadata (db,
entry, "rb:coverArt") which I assume is handled by the artdisplay

Have I got the basics right for how cover art is passed between the
artdisplay plugin and another plugin (such as the ipod plugin, or in
future the DAAP plugin)?



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