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On Fri, May 21, 2010 at 11:49 AM, Steven Kaplan <sckaplan yahoo com> wrote:
> rb crashes at the end of playback of a midi file on my lucid lynx system: a
> msi wind netbook.
> also, i sometimes have to click twice on the application icon to get it to
> start.
> any fixes? thanks
> steve

Can you run the program on the console (go to a terminal and type
`rhythmbox'), get it to crash, and post the console output from the

If the console output doesn't give any meaningful output, you'll have
to install the debug symbols, start it up under gdb, and grab a
backtrace when it throws SIGSEGV. But one thing at a time -- the
console might have enough info.



P.S. -- Since this is an issue with a distro package, it probably
makes sense to file a bug in the Ubuntu Launchpad bug tracker: I know that Ubuntu ships some non-standard
plugins, so it's possible that people on this list might refuse to
support your configuration. "Vanilla" builds of Rhythmbox and the
official plugins are probably all that upstream purists will want to
support, and you are mailing upstream.

P.P.S. -- Does this happen with one specific midi file, or with any
midi file? Providing the midi file itself, would be helpful to
developers trying to track down the issue. If you can reproduce the
issue on a specific midi file but not others, it might be a defect
with the midi decoder: even if your midi file is somehow "bad", it
shouldn't cause the midi synthesizer to crash. I am not sure how fair
use works in your country (or whether it exists at all), but if the
midi file is copyrighted, I think it might still be fair use (in the
U.S.) for one or two developers to use the midi file strictly for the
purpose of debugging software, and then discard it. But IANAL.

P.P.P.S -- troubleshooting issues like this is best done in real time
on IRC, where we can ask you to try things, have you perform
diagnostics or tests, then get the output back from you in a short
time. Like that, we can have the issue resolved in a much shorter
time. Join us on #rhythmbox, or seek Ubuntu support on #ubuntu. I am also a member of the Ubuntu community,
so I personally don't care which support you channel you select. I'm
pretty sure I could help you isolate this issue quickly if I could
reproduce it locally. I do run Ubuntu 10.04 myself.

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