[Rhythmbox-devel] Bugs with Rhythmbox installation (Totem Parsing Library)


I have downloaded the latest version of Rhythmbox (0.13.2) and depacked it. when using ./configure it says:

checking for TOTEM_PLPARSER... no
configure: error: totem playlist parsing library not found or too old

I am wondering why it should say this, since I have got the latest version of libtotem-plparser-dev (2.28.1-1), libtotem-plparser12 (2.28.1-1) and I even have python-totem-plparser (2.28.0-0ubuntu1) installed. I'm using Karmic (9.10) version of ubuntu.

I searched the internet and read several forum discussions. Neither helped me. It would be great if you could hand me a tip.


Siavash Ahmadi

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