[Rhythmbox-devel] Rythmbox behaviours

Hello everyone,

Hope this is the right place to talk about Rhythmbox features. (0.12.3)

1) Playlist
It is really unconvenient that read tracks are removed from the playlist, and playlist is kind of small, no real easy way to sort, move a track to another rank etc... like it is possible in most music players ...

2) Music library
For some reason, I was not able to  add a directory with a new band album, the structure was exactly the same as I selected in preferences (Artist/Album/ track# - track_name) ...
I think a cleverer media library management would be great, I mean being able to select several separate folders would be handy. I mean kind of like "picasa" does it for photos...
Maybe there's something to think about.

I really like Rhythmbox, it is great!

best regards


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