[Rhythmbox-devel] Patching Rhythmbox fireing signals for ratings?

Hello everybody,

I started some time ago writing a plugin for rhythmbox that keeps my
playlists and ratings for songs synced over all my workstations.
I stopped when I faced the problem that there apparently are no signals
shot for events like creating/deleting a playlist or rating a song.
The only messages I can see in the debug output are:

[rb_shell_clipboard_entryview_changed_cb] rb-shell-clipboard.c:807:
entryview changed
[rb_shell_clipboard_sync] rb-shell-clipboard.c:600: syncing clipboard

The rhythmbox database must be changed for a new rating for sure, so
this would be an alternative starting point, but I still don't know how
to receive a signal when the database is updated.

I do hope that someone here in this mailinglist is able to help me out.

Thanks in advance


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