[Rhythmbox-devel] Clicking "Enabled" column header in Rhythmbox's plugins dialog enables/disables all plugins intead of sorting them


I noticed the other day, that when you click the "enabled" column header
in Rhythmbox plugins dialog, all plugins get either enabled or disabled,
instead of sorted.

I reported it here:

and the response I got was:

> I have looked into the rhythmbox source code.
> This behavior is explicitly by design. We must talk with developers to
> understand their motives, and, may be, try to persuade to change this.

So, yeah,...I find it counterintuitive for a column header to toggle the
state of things in the table, rather than their representation. No other
software I know, besides Totem, does that.

You lose your settings without warning or undo. So you have to go
through your plugins and enable those you use one-by-one. This is one
nasty suprise.

If this sort of functionality is considered important, wouldn't it be
better to just have two buttons: "Enable all" and "Disable all", or one
that says "Disable all" when more than one is enabled and "Enable all"
when none is enabled?

Or allowing multiple selection of plugins and having "enable" and
"disable" in the context menu? 


Tomasz Chrzczonowicz

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