[Rhythmbox-devel] DACP in Rhythmbox: Weekly Report 12

Hi all,

Last week of Summer of Code. You can check the wiki at�http://live.gnome.org/SummerOfCode2010/AlexandreRosenfeld_Rhythmbox�with links to both bugs with the latest patches.

This week I implemented queuing records as mentioned last week, so that libdmapsharing supports playing a chosen track by the user. However this is still not implemented in Rhythmbox.�
I've fixed a bunch of stuff from libdmapsharing and Rhythmbox and submitted some more complete patches to Bugzilla (even bumped libdmapsharing version to 2.2.0).

I consider my project a success, even though there are some loose ends. For some reason the Remote doesn't quite accept the responses from libdmapsharing and keeps asking for the same information over and over again. This causes a delay in every command, sometimes the command doesn't even reach Rhythmbox. I'll still work on this to implement the playlist interface in Rhythmbox so that the user can actually select an arbitrary song to play and to fix this last problem.

I'd like to thank my mentor, Michael, for helping me, Jonathan Matthew from Rhythmbox and the GSoC admins, this has been a great project (and a great winter for me, here in Brazil). Couldn't have learned more from all of this.

Alexandre Rosenfeld

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