Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Rhythmbox Searches For "AND" vs "&"

2010/8/16 Kyle Baker <kyleabaker gmail com>:

> ..the only ones I find useful are:
> it its is are was be i'm you're he's she's it's we're they're
> i've you've we've they've i'd you'd he'd she'd we'd they'd
> i'll you'll he'll she'll we'll they'll isn't aren't wasn't weren't
> hasn't haven't hadn't doesn't don't didn't won't wouldn't
> shan't shouldn't can't cannot couldn't mustn't let's that's
> who's what's here's there's when's where's why's how's
> a an the and but if or as of at by for into to in out so too

I'm not sure how all of this could work in a non confusing way on
libraries with songs in different languages (here I have songs with
French titles, English titles, ...). A nice example would be a song
called "But en or" (golden goal), which would be reduced to "en"
according to this list, and "en" is one word that might be in a French
stop list. At least, "but" and "or" are the 2 significant words in the
previous title, not "en".


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