Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] bug fix in mpid-device.c

On Tue, Oct 20, 2009 at 4:51 PM, François Jaouen
<francois jaouen laposte net> wrote:
> Jonathan Matthew a écrit :
>> Your patch is half correct - the 'g_free (mount);' that you added is
>> useless because mount is known to be NULL at that point. That isn't
>> how you free a GUnitMountEntry, in any case. I don't see how this
>> could have anything to do with the crashes you're seeing, though,
>> because this code is only used for ipods and generic USB mass storage
>> devices, not MTP devices.
> What I have seen in the debugger was that mount_point was suddently
> reallocated and matched a mount point (a disk partition in my case). This
> ended up in seg fault.

That's the correct part of the patch. I don't know why that code would
be executed when an MTP device is plugged in, though. It should only
be called for devices that result in a filesystem mount.

> Is there any up to date tutos or high level presentation of Glib programming
> ? I'm totally noob in this area.

For details like this, the best thing to do is install devhelp and the
glib documentation (libglib2.0-doc) and look up every glib data
structure and function you use in there.

>> Please attach patches to bugs in bugzilla, rather than sending them to
>> the mailing list.
> Ok, I will correct the patch and will attach somewhere in bugzilla.

No need in this case (I've already committed the fix), but for next
time, it generally works better that way.

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