Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] bug fix in mpid-device.c

Jonathan Matthew a écrit :
On Tue, Oct 20, 2009 at 4:35 AM, François Jaouen
<francois jaouen laposte net> wrote:
Hi there,

I'm currently trying to fix rhythmbox because it crashes when my creative
Zen touch (MTP device) is plugged in.

Although I'm not done, I think I've found a little bug in mpid-device.c that
may explain some crashes (git patch joined).

Your patch is half correct - the 'g_free (mount);' that you added is
useless because mount is known to be NULL at that point. That isn't
how you free a GUnitMountEntry, in any case. I don't see how this
could have anything to do with the crashes you're seeing, though,
because this code is only used for ipods and generic USB mass storage
devices, not MTP devices.
What I have seen in the debugger was that mount_point was suddently reallocated and matched a mount point (a disk partition in my case). This ended up in seg fault.

Is there any up to date tutos or high level presentation of Glib programming ? I'm totally noob in this area.
Please attach patches to bugs in bugzilla, rather than sending them to
the mailing list.
Ok, I will correct the patch and will attach somewhere in bugzilla.
FYI the configuration I am working on is :

- Karmic beta on virtual box (not OSE to have USB support)
- Rhythmbox from the git repo. compiled with gudev

By the way I have some questions :

Is mtp plugins still required with gudev ?
With gudev option there are still calls to libmtp taking place (inside
rhythmbox), if I'm not wrong it shouldn't happen ?

GUdev only provides information on what devices are present, it
doesn't provide any way of talking to them. For that, of course we
need to use libmtp.
Thank you for the explaination, I keep on investigating...

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