[Rhythmbox-devel] DAAP sharing - iTunes / secured share notification in UI

Hello!  Drive-by idea.

Is it possible to query a DAAP share to find out who provides it?
(Banshee, Rhythmbox, iTunes)  And whether it is secured by password?

This could be presented to the user in the UI (ex., a small "locked"
icon on secured or iTunes shares).  Since iTunes shares can't be read
because of encryption, they could always have a locked icon (until

This would mean that users would know which shares they cannot access.
 It is much better than trying to access your friends iTunes's and
watching Rhythmbox sit and try to access what it cannot.

Also, perhaps Rhythmbox could display a notification/error if an
inaccessible share is accessed.  Currently the user is left waiting,
wonder what's going to happen.

A small explanation could also be given (ranging from "You do not have
access to this share" to "You need a correct username/password for
this share" to "Rhythmbox cannot view music from an iTunes user.").

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