[Rhythmbox-devel] script to migrate from Amarok 1.4 to Rhythmbox

Hi all,
I've written a Python script that can be used to migrate some
information about a music library from Amarok 1.4.x to Rhythmbox 0.12.x.
It can be downloaded from here:

Right now it "moves" lyrics, album covers and some statistics about
songs (number of times they were played, rating, last access time, ...)

It's just a quick-and-dirty script that must be modified to fit
your own installation, but it works; for sure many things are still
missing, but it does anything I needed.

If someone wants to help its development, I can arrange a repository
and a mailing list; basically it should be split in a module and a
command-line script (in the long run it can also grow as a complete
way to migrate some information amongst various media players, who

Davide Alberani <davide alberani gmail com> [GPG KeyID: 0x465BFD47]

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