Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Converting itunes music to Rhythmbox


Paul Jirles wrote:
I am thinking about converting by Windows XP to Ubuntu. One of the main uses of the computer by my kids is itunes. We have an extensive library of music and I need to know if Rhythmbox will find, convert, synchronize etc all of this music.

That will depend on whether the music files have copy protection (DRM) or not. Tracks with Apple DRM will only play in Apple software and their portable players. Some other player software may be able to play it by using Quicktime for decoding the files, but that's not available on Linux.

If the tracks are unprotected, Rhythmbox should play them provided that the correct codecs (for MP3, AAC, or whatever the files are) are installed. Ubuntu should prompt you to install these codecs when needed.

- Mika

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