[Rhythmbox-devel] scrobble free 0.3 released


Scrobble Free is a plugin for Rhythmbox that supports sending your
listening habits to multiple social music web site at the same time,
i.e. to both libre.fm and last.fm simultaneously.

This release adds a user interface for configuring services and fixes a
few important bugs.


Public bzr repo:

New Stuff:

 * Support plugin configuration using Rhythmbox Plugins window and use
   GNOME GConf to store account information, so you no longer need to
   edit the source code.

 * Now slightly more robust in the face of API session timeouts.

Bug fixes:

 * Fixed a timing issue that occasionally prevented some tracks from
   being scrobbled.

 * The "now playing" notification is now being sent only once per
   track, not twice.

Stuff to Come:

Stop network traffic from blocking the UI, support for ♥'ing tracks,
configuration and status UI polish.

Patches, bug reports and feature requests welcome!

/Mike (mjog on irc and identi.ca)

⎊ Michael Gratton. "Mea navis aëricumbens anguillis abundat."
⎈ <http://web.vee.net/>

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