[Rhythmbox-devel] Seriously, really, you've got to be kidding...

One of the big things I was looking forward to with the recent Ubuntu upgrade was the latest rev of Rhythmbox. Thanks for making a handy music app that just works. I have been using it daily for a couple years, with a big old library of tunes, podcasts, an mp3 player, etc. So first, thanks!

Ok, so the reason I wanted the latest version so bad is because I was just sure that this dialog box that pops up multiple times every time I start the app would be fixed. No, don't search for a codec to be able to play txt files, or images, or whatever else you don't understand. How is this not fixed? I've looked around and it is an extremely typical complaint, and at least for the others I asked around in my office, it was a reason many don't use the app.

I (we) have a single request. Please, pretty please, can you let us turn off this maddening dialog??? Whether it turns off for a single file type, or forever, really doesn't matter. Just let us see a list of what isn't playing somewhere so we can try to figure it out, and stop annoying your users daily with this dialog spam.


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