[Rhythmbox-devel] scrobble free 0.2 released


Scrobble Free is a plugin for Rhythmbox that supports sending your
listening habits to multiple social music web site at the same time,
i.e. to both libre.fm and last.fm simultaneously.


Public bzr repo:

  * New Stuff *

Use the GNOME keyring to store passwords. You still need to edit the
source to add accounts for the moment, however you'll be prompted for a

Scrobble MusicBrainz ids, thanks to Toby Inkster for the patch.

 * Stuff to Come *

Yes, you still need to edit the source file to set your user names. Yes,
it still blocks your UI, eats your scrobbles and tells nasty jokes about
you behind your back. I'm working on it.

Patches, bug reports and feature requests welcome!


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