[Rhythmbox-devel] Bugs/Issues with Rhythmbox 0.11.x on Debian Lenny


I posted a questions couple of days ago having been unable to install rhythmbox 0.12.x... Over the weekend, I upgraded my server to Lenny Debian and this came with 0.11.x by default.

I was hoping some of the issues I faced in the earlier release 0.9.x of rhythmbox would have been addressed. I still seem to have some problems. I thought I will ask the group if these are fixed in the 0.12.x release or am I missing something.

1. Whenever I add songs to my playlist, the playlist does not automatically gets saved. I have do manually 
do Music --Playlist -- save to file... is there a way to get the list updated automatically once I add new songs?

2. Also, for some reason, periodically my playlists turn out empty. I have to manually do Music--playlist--load from file to refresh the playlist... Is there a better way?

3. Finally, when I do the step above, it actually creates a duplicate playlist entry in Rhythmbox. Anyway I can avoid this? 

I am sure people would have come across this as these are pretty common items. Appreciate your response/suggestions.



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